Patient Testimonials


Denise J., Patient

"I'd like to acknowledge how much your clinic has contributed to my increased quality of life! I first came to you in a position of unbearable and uncontrollable pain. My pain controlled my days and never ending unbearable nights, contributing to a lifestyle of defeated hopelessness, in my heart, as I was convinced there was no way of recapturing the JOY and HOPE I had always possessed as a happy, joyful, and positive human being.

You and your staff have always allowed me to regain and retain my dignity, through your actions your treatment of me as a person (not an account number), looking at me with kindness, compassion, and kind words, and listening to my fears of future lifestyle choices, AKA, the "unknown: Scary!" This kindness after a very long journey of convincing physicians "assuring me" nothing was wrong with me, or my body.

You gave me hope and a safe place to share my very private thoughts and terror of my future. There is a peacefulness and calm when I enter your office, just watching how other clients are treated, and also the way your staff treats each other, by observing the kindness and respectful behavior all done with a smile. Kudos!!! In closing, I want you all to know what a blessing you've been to me by giving me a hope joy and the promise of a future, goals, and plans are once again possible for me by the care you have given to me with the promise, I now know, means to live, truly live my best life.

I'm thrilled with the choice you've made of locating your new clinic in my hometown of Muskogee!! I'll be your #1 cheerleader! Much success to you all and I feel sure you will continue in your mission; healing people, changing and improving their lives for better, just by being authentic, compassionate, and by the hope and joy you instill by easing, and even alleviating "our pain"! Sincere appreciation of you all and may your successes continue.

Your lives must be so rewarding to improve the human condition in such an important manner.

God Bless You All and sincere thanks for the continued help you bring us all


Denise J.

Sayah Patient Survey-Tulsa Pain Consultants

"At Tulsa Pain "[The doctor] listens and does not make me feel like it's all in my head. She understands that I am truly hurting and I want a cure/help."

Kathryn S., Patient

"[I received] an injection on my hip about four years ago... had been in pain every single day for eight months. I am STILL pain free. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been! The doctor was very gentle and told me everything he was doing as he did it – with a very calming and assuring bedside manner. I had a great outcome!"

Kari F., Patient

"Extraordinary people from the time you walk in the door... I have not had this pleasant of an atmosphere anywhere. We all know that times are tough and budgets are crunched... I have been able to afford to keep my treatment going although I am not medically insured."

Sayah Patient Survey

"The nurses always come around to check on you... along with the physician and physician's assistant, the nursing staff is always very kind and helpful as well. Great job!"

Sayah Patient Survey

"They are very friendly and work hard from scheduling, payment options, and check-in. The people involved in procedures stay right there and seem to anticipate my every need!"

Sayah Patient Survey

"Very personable doctor, spent a lot of time visiting with me and explaining the process. Really made me feel comfortable before and after the procedure."

Joy H., Patient

"Tulsa Pain Consultants dramatically decreased the severity of my pain. Now I can go back to my old life."