How to Prevent Back Pain While Driving

It is still a wonder how the spine, one of the most significant aspects of our mobility, can be the leading cause of pain in the United States. Whether your job has to do with sitting at a desk all day or always being on the move picking up heavy objects, everyone is susceptible to back pain. So what is it about driving that makes it so much worse?

The experts at Tulsa Pain say that poor posture combined with the vibration of the car and injury or degeneration to the spinal discs are a recipe for back pain. Some cars’ seats are just are not designed with the back in mind! Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the backache when trying to get to work through Tulsa traffic.

One way to prevent back pain is to modify your car. Patients have found pain relief by purchasing a lumbar support for the driver’s seat of their car, but a small pillow tucked behind the lower back can have the same effect as well. If you find yourself slouching, try scooting the seat closer or adjusting the seat angle to improve your posture. Be sure to always keep your feet flat on the floor and keep your hips square with your shoulders.

Now that your back is fully supported, be sure to stretch at red lights and in traffic. Stretching warms up the body and promotes blood flow to the back muscles. At your next appointment, your physician at Tulsa Pain can teach you a few stretches to target the back muscles that may be affected by your condition. Be sure to stretch safely and keep your eyes on the road!

Above all, the Tulsa Pain team is here to help. We can get to the source of your driving pain and treat all forms of back pain; from muscle strain to nerve compression. If you have had pain while driving for a while now, our physicians can set you up with a treatment option that is right for you. Patients may begin with medication, but if pain persists, Tulsa Pain can provide pain-relieving steroid injections for every region of the spine. We believe in using a wellness approach to healing, so acupuncture and other alternatives are available to patients with back pain as well. If you have any questions about treatments for back pain we offer, our staff would be happy to help!

Tulsa Pain is a multi-location pain management practice in Oklahoma that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. We are dedicated to helping those who are suffering find the relief they deserve. Our team uses a balanced approach by incorporating minimally invasive, outpatient procedures, complementary and alternative medicine, and medication to help patients take control of their pain. Call 855-918-PAIN or click on our “Request An Appointment” tab to meet with one of our talented pain management specialists today!

The advice and information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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