Fast Facts About Diathermy

In addition to using cutting edge interventional pain treatments to help our patients manage their pain, Tulsa Pain also believes in using what’s known as integrative pain treatments. Our integrative treatments offer a therapeutic approach that can be paired with medications, injection, and other treatments to relieve symptoms of chronic pain. One lesser-known approach is a therapy known as diathermy.

How to Prevent Back Pain While Driving

It is still a wonder how the spine, one of the most significant aspects of our mobility, can be the leading cause of pain in the United States. Whether your job has to do with sitting at a desk all day or always being on the move picking up heavy objects, everyone is susceptible to back pain. So what is it about driving that makes it so much worse?

3 Things Your Boss Should Know about Your Back Pain

People in the chronic pain community know that working with a diagnosis of chronic back pain can be difficult. Fortunately, treatment from Tulsa Pain Consultants can make the workday tolerable, but the underlying condition or injury may leave people with more limitations than expected. Some may try to hide the fact that they are in pain from their employer, but in order to promote positive communication, you boss will need to know these 3 things: 

Treating Headaches Through Injection Therapy

When people experience more than 15 headaches per month, they are usually classified as chronic headaches. These headaches can come in the form of migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and more. After an evaluation, our physicians frequently find that these headaches are a result of swelling around the occipital nerves, which is a system of nerves that span from the back of your head and down into your upper neck. At Tulsa Pain, we focus on the uppermost region known as the greater occipital nerve in order to treat headaches and occipital neuralgia. 

3 Things to Do After a Steroid Injection

Steroid injections are long-lasting solutions to chronic pain from neuropathy or other conditions that have resulted in damaged nerves. This non-surgical procedure is available for a number of types of pain from headaches, backaches, hip pains, and many more! The procedure is short, taking only about 30 minutes to do. Generally, patients do not have to do much in terms of after care, but the pain experts from Tulsa Pain say that patients should follow these instructions. 

1. Rest Up!

Can Vitamins Promote Nerve Health?

Nerves are responsible for carrying information from the body to the brain, so it’s no wonder that nerves are involved in chronic pain conditions. When nerves are pinched, damaged, or misfire pain signals, Tulsa Pain can address this by using nerve blocks, steroid injections, or a number of other treatments. But what if it were possible to promote nerve health from home? After all, we do take vitamins to prevent sickness and help us feel better. 

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